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SpellBound's Style Guide:

What is a style guide?

Typically, a style guide has all or some of these three components:

  • Brand Identity
    • Logo guide (How do we use the logo? How should it look in different context?)
    • Color scheme (What are SpellBound’s colors?)
    • Font guide (What font should I use and where?)
    • Company templates (Letterheads, business cards, etc.)
    • Web guidelines (What should the website look like?)
    • UI guidelines (What should the app look like?)
  • Communication tools
    • Voice + style guide (Product names, ® placement, etc.)
    • Ads + communication (How should our advertisements look? How can we make them consistent?)
    • Social media (What should Facebook look like vs. Twitter? How should they be the same?)
  • Corporate Guidelines
    • Core purpose, mission statement and values (What do we believe in?)
    • Brand guidelines (What does SpellBound mean?)
    • Target audience (Who is receiving our branding?)

What are the key parts of a style guide?

The main things a style guide will help us establish are:

  • Identity
    • What does SpellBound look like? How can we remain visually consistent? How can we help someone look at a product and know it’s by SpellBound?
  • Personality
    • What does SpellBound feel like? How can we help customers understand our brand values?
  • Authenticity
    • How can we help SpellBound look established and reputable? How will customers know we are here to help?

What is the purpose of a style guide?

A style guide helps us maintain consistency between platforms. For example, we need the app and our website to have the same feel.

Another important factor is professionalism; it is important that customers understand that we are a real company and are looking for the cheddar!

A style guide will also help in situations where you may not know how to format something. This can include an advertisement, branding a social media page, or writing a sales email. With a style guide, you will have a reference point of how something should look and sound.

The biggest part of having a style guide is creating a uniform user experience. Good UX will help customers return for more products, refer their friends and enjoy working with us!

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